MaluMika is the first paint-your-own-pottery studio in Wroclaw. A popular concept abroad, the idea is simple: You come in, you select a form and you paint it. After a few days – we need time to glaze and fire it, after all – you can take it home. You’ll wait a maximum of 7 days for your piece, but it is almost always finished earlier.
What makes MaluMika unique is that you don’t have to worry about the shape, only the style. What’s more, we are an open workshop, which means that you can come in anytime we’re open, no reservations necessary.
And before you dare to think, “I can’t paint,” or “I don’t have talent”, come in and let us help you realize you can! We have several types of techniques that even beginners can use to make something special for themselves or as a gift.
MaluMika will spark your creativity and keep you coming back for more. We can’t wait have you come in!
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