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When you open a new business, it is important to look for ways to save money from the start. Appearing on the market is a hard task as it is. Money is crucial to survive the growing competition. Why don’t you start with a proper BUSINESS ACCOUNT without high fees for everyday banking.

Here are my 3 best options:

NEST BANK – BIZnest account

BIZnest Account is an account only for sole traders. The account is unconditionally free. You will not pay single “zloty” for opening, running, managing the account nor the card in Poland. There are fees though for an additional card to the same account.


Using an account and card is completely free – without any additional requirements.

Free withdrawals from ATMs throughout Poland.

Free currency accounts BIZnest Account Currency in EUR, USD and GBP.

A wide range of savings and credit products.


3% commission for currency conversion of transactions in another currency

The downside for some customers may be a small number of stationary outlets

High fee for using an additional card (PLN 25)

Opening Account – 0 PLN

Managing account – 0 PLN


PLN 0 – issuing the card (VISA Business Card),

PLN 25 – payment for issuing a second card to the account,

0 PLN – use of the card,

PLN 25 – monthly fee for using the second account card,

0.15%, min. PLN 5 – deposit cash intakes (notes) in the account at the bank branch

0.5 %, min. PLN 10 – deposit cash intakes ( coins) in the account at bank branch

0 PLN – cash payment in the Euronet network deposit,

PLN 0 – cash withdrawal at all ATMs in Poland,

5 PLN + 3 % commissions for currency conversion – withdrawal at ATMs abroad,

PLN 0 – cashback.


PLN 0 / PLN 5 – execution of an ongoing order online/ at a bank branch and by phone,

PLN 0 / PLN 5 – transfers to ZUS and US online / at a bank branch and by phone,

PLN 0 – internal and external transfers at a bank branch,

5 PLN / 10 PLN – instant transfer online / at the bank branch and by phone,

PLN 0 / PLN 5 – European SEPA transfer online / at a bank branch and by phone,

PLN 20 – a SWIFT transfer of currency,

PLN 40 – SORBNET transfer.

How to open the account online?

Fill out the form and:

a) perform a verification money transfer; your account will be activated within 15 minutes,

b) wait for the courier with a contract to sign; the whole process will last about five days, and the account will be activated when the signed contract is returned to the bank,

c) go to the branch indicated in the application to sign the contract.

BIZnest You can also open an account by going to the facility or by calling the bank’s helpline.

iKonto Biznes – Alior Bank

iKonto Biznes – ideal client:

– runs a sole proprietorship,

– makes min. 4 non-cash payments by bank card per month,

– the average balance on his account is min. PLN 1,000,

– prefers online banking,

  • agrees to marketing communication from the bank.


PLN 0 – opening an account,

PLN 0 / PLN 15 – keeping an account.

The fee is waved if the average monthly balance on your account amounts to min. PLN 1,000 and you give consent to marketing communication from Alior Bank or you open an account during the promotion – PLN 1,500 for companies.


PLN 0 – issuing a card for the account (MasterCard Business Debit PayPass),

PLN 0 / PLN 8 – monthly fee for the card (no fee – min. 4 card transactions per month)

0 PLN – cash withdrawal at Alior Bank ATMs,

PLN 0 / PLN 2 – cash withdrawal at the Euronet, Planet Cash ATMs and other ATMs in Poland, (no fee for the first 5 withdrawals in a month)

3 %, min. PLN 5 – cash withdrawal at bank branches in Poland,

3 %, min. PLN 8 – withdrawal at ATMs abroad,

0.5 %, min. PLN 10 – cash deposit at a bank branch.


0 PLN – ongoing order,

PLN 0 – direct debits,

PLN 0 – external and internal transfers via online banking,

0 PLN – ELIXIR transfer via online banking,

PLN 0 / PLN 10 – instant transfer via online banking

free first 5 Express ELIXIR transfers a month,10 PLN for each transfer made by BlueCash.

PLN 30 / PLN 10 – transfers in the SORBNET system via online banking below PLN 1 million / over PLN 1 million,

0 PLN / 5 PLN – European SEPA transfer via online banking, free first 5 transfers in a month.

20 PLN – online currency transfer.

PLN 10 / PLN 18 – internal / external transfer via telephone banking or bank branch,

PLN 20 / PLN 30 – ELIXIR / Express ELIXIR transfer via telephone banking or bank branch,

PLN 50 / PLN 30 – SORBNET transfer via telephone banking or bank branch below PLN 1 million / over PLN 1 million,

PLN 30 – currency transfer via telephone banking or at a bank branch.

PROMOTION: PLN 1,500 bonus for companies

What it means?

If you take part in it, by filling up a form on the website and performing the activities specified in the regulations (eg transfer to ZUS, US and you make a SEPA transfer), you will receive a bonus of up to PLN 125 per month, which will total 1 PLN 500 for the entire year.

Currency Account

Allows you to carry out cash and non-cash transactions in up to 19 currencies. It costs 8PLN a month.

How to open the account?

You can apply online.

Fill out the form on the bank’s website

Select the method of ROR activation:

• through a courier who will deliver a contract to your company,

• a verification transfer made from your personal account.

Activate access to online banking.

Start using your company account.

IDEA BANK – firma to ja

Perfect client:

– an entrepreneur conducting sole proprietorship,

– performs card transactions for min. PLN 400 monthly,

– prefers online banking,

– focuses on innovative solutions and services.


PLN 0 – opening an account,

0 PLN – managing an account.


PLN 0 – issuing a card for the account (MasterCard Debit Business, Visa Business Debit),

PLN 0 / PLN 4.99 – monthly fee for the card, NO FEE – card transactions for min. PLN 400 monthly.

0 PLN – deposit cash in the bank,

PLN 0 – deposit cash in the cash deposit machines,

PLN 0 – cash withdrawal at ATMs in Poland,

2 %, min. PLN 10 – withdrawal at ATMs abroad,

0.3 % min. PLN 5 – cash withdrawal at a bank branch.


0 PLN – ongoing order,

PLN 0 – direct debits,

PLN 0 / PLN 4.99 – transfers to ZUS and US Internet / telephone / at a bank outlet,

0 PLN – internal and external transfer online,

PLN 4.99 – internal and external transfer in a bank outlet,

PLN 4.99 – internal and external transfer via telephone banking,

PLN 0 / PLN 29.99 – transfers in the SORBNET system online, by phone and at a bank branch over PLN 1 million / less than PLN 1 million,

PLN 0 / PLN 3.50 – Express ELIXIR instant transfer, FREE first 2 transfers a month.

0 PLN / 3.99 PLN – European SEPA transfer online, FREE first 2 transfers a month.

0.25 % min. 29.99 PLN – online transfer.

Idea Cloud – a modern internet platform.


• Liquidity management, which will allow you to control the flow of finances in your company on an ongoing basis. The cash flow module will tell you what will happen to your funds in the near future, thanks to which you will plan all costs and expenses.

• Virtual Safe, where you safely store all documents, contracts, important bills. Having access to them online, you can easily look at them anytime, anywhere in the world. Files are uploaded to the cloud and downloaded at any time.

  • Invoice program that will give you the option to issue invoices and company invoices, and send them to an e-mail address and build the customer base (clients). You can issue an unlimited number of invoices completely for free.


Opening and maintaining a foreign currency account is free and exchange rates are specifically negotiated. The first 2 SEPA transfers a month are free. There are 10 currencies to choose from – EUR, USD, GBP, NOK, CHF, CZK, DKK, RON, SEK and JPY.


When you open the account, you receive an individual accountant at your disposal, which will help you with all matters related to invoices, PIT, VAT and ZUS settlements.

How to set up the account?

1. Over the Internet

Fill out the form and your account will be active within one business day.

2. At the bank branch

Visit the nearest Idea Bank outlet and apply for an Account.

3. By contacting the bank’s hotline

Call the bank consultant by phone to create a company account. Activation will take approximately 4-5 business days

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