Wroclaw preparing for a ban on trading on Sundays


Prohibition of trading on Sundays. Wroclavia shopping center will also be open at night during weekends.

Wroclavia shopping center is planning to extend its working time. Starting from 9th March, on Fridays and Saturdays, it will be open from 9 to 23. In this way, the gallery aims to respond to the ban on Sunday trading which is being introduced throughout Poland. The new law coming into force in the coming months stipulates that the trade ban will not apply to stores operating at bus and railway stations. Wroclavia operates in a building where a new Wrocław bus station has been located. However, the owners of the gallery have decided on a different solution – from March 9th, they will extend opening hours of Wroclavia on Fridays and Saturdays from 9 to 23.

Indications are that on Sundays on which the trade ban will apply, the gallery will not be entirely closed. – By introducing Wroclavia to the market, we have made sure that the center has a wide range of entertainment, service and gastronomic services, that is the ones to which legal changes being currently implemented do not apply – as a letter distributed amongst store tenants by the gallery owners reads. It lists, among others, the “Grand Kitchen” restaurant zone, a cinema and the “Fikołki” playroom. Wroclavia emphasizes that “a significant percentage of visits in the center is motivated by the desire to spend leisure time with family and friends”.

To summarize the topic, the Law on the prohibition of trading on Sunday assumes that starting from March 2018, each month the stores will be open only for two Sundays – the first and the last one, but there are exceptions to this rule. In 2019 it will be only one Sunday in a month – the last one. From January 1, 2020, in Poland, a ban on trading on all Sundays will be in force with the exception of seven Sundays in the year – three pre-Christmas and the last Sunday in January, April, June and August, that is when shops organize sales. Business who will not comply with the ban will face a fine – up to 100,000. zł.

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