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Musical Leningrad in Impart

A wonderful musical, based on 18 songs from the repertoire of the band "Leningrad" from St. Petersburg. The performance draws from the beginning extremely suggestively created mood of a permanent party, excellent play, live,...

Wroclaw preparing for Świętojański Fair – 18/05-25/06

Tourists may no longer taka a commemorative photo at the Wroclaw pillory. A large part of the south-eastern part of the Old Market Square has been fenced while workers set wooden boxes and flower...

This coming Thursday we will host the finale of the 10th season of Polish...

This coming Thursday we will host the finale of the 10th season of Polish Cinema for Beginners. The 10th season of the Polish Cinema for Beginners, called Family Matters, focuses on film images of...

Photorelation from the 3rd day of 3-majowka festival

See the last part of photos from 3-majowka festival: Percival, Happysad, Ralph Kamiński, Kortez, Dubioza Kolektiv, Kult. Pictures by Muzyka w obiektywie

Photorelation from the 2nd day of 3-majowka, part 2

On this really hot day thousands of Wroclaw citizens were listening to the most popular rock bands on the 3-majowka festival. See how they were enjoying their time.



Sworn translator

Recommended by the Wroclaw Expats Facebook group. Any certified translation produced by a sworn translator is an official document in its own right. The translation...

Clothing Repair

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