Apply for Temporary or Permanent residency


Are you a foreigner and planning to stay in Poland, which will last longer than 30 days? You know that you will return to the country where you live permanently. Therefore, you are required to register for a temporary stay.


There are 2 ways of doing the registration:

  1. DO IT ONLINE – only available for EU/EFTA, Swiss Confederation citizens.

You will need an E-signature (secure personal profile). You can set it up online or do it at a designated spot.

2. IN THE OFFICE – Go to Urzad Miejski Wroclaw

Citizens from outside EU/EFTA/Swiss Confederation must present documents that confirm the right to your stay in Poland.

When to check in for temporary stay

  1. EU, EFTA, Swiss Confederation citizen of a family member of such a foreigner and you will be in Poland for more than 3 months then you need to apply for temporary residency at the latest on the 30th day of arrival at the place of temporary stay in Poland
  2. Citizen of any other country than those mentioned above who will be in Poland for more than 30 days needs to apply for temporary residency at the latest on the 4th day of arrival at the place of temporary stay in Poland

Remember that you can not be in Poland longer than it appears in the document that confirms your right to stay in Poland.

You can do it either in person or a proxy can do it on your behalf. Children up to 18 years of age can be represented by a parent or guardian.

What documents to collect:

1. If you are the owner of the flat in which you want to check in – join the ONE form with the following electronic documents, which will confirm, for example:

◦ a civil law contract, for example a lease agreement,

◦ copy from the land and mortgage register or excerpt from departments I and II of the land and mortgage register,

◦ administrative decision,

  • court order,

2. If you are NOT an owner and you do not have another legal title to the flat in which you want to check in – attach to the form in the form of an electronic document:

◦ a statement of the owner or other entity that has a legal title to the flat, confirming your stay in the flat,

  • a document that confirms the legal title to the flat of the owner or other entity.

If you can not get these electronic documents, include their digital mapping, such as scans.

How to do it online:

1 – Prepare the docs.

2 – Click Check In on

3 – The system will take you to the trusted profile page. Log in to your account.

4 – Choose the type of stay you want to check in.

5 – Select who you want to check in.

6 – Complete the remaining fields and attach the relevant documents.

7 – If you indicate that you want to get a temporary residence registration certificate, attach a document that will confirm payment for this certificate.

8 – Check and sign the application electronically. Confirmation of the application will be sent to your ePUAP inbox.

What are the fees?

  1. Registration is FREE of charge.
  2. Issuing a temporary residence certificate costs PLN 17.

How long will you wait?

If the application is filled out correctly and all documents are attached, then it is a matter of minutes. Also, if you do it over the desk in person, then the clerk will complete the registration straight away.

How to do it in person?

  1. Go to Urzad Miasta Wroclaw.


• ul. G. Zapolskiej 4

• okienka 8-15

• tel. +48 71 777 91 47


• pl. Nowy Targ 1-8

• okienka 1- 4, 6

• tel. +48 71 777 91 46


• al. M. Kromera 44

• okienka 3 – 5

• tel. +48 71 777 93 48, 777 84 72, 777 84 76

2. Fill in the temporary residence application form (you can find it online or get it from the office)

[ link ] (at the bottom of the page, 1st file)

3. Provide Address proof: lease agreement or other confirmation of your address in Poland.

4. For EU/EFTA/Swiss Confederation citizens:

  • a valid travel document or other valid document that will confirm your identity and citizenship

• if you are a family member of a citizen of an EU member state, EFTA or the Swiss Confederation – prepare:

◦ a valid travel document,

◦ a valid permanent residence card of an EU citizen’s family member or a valid residence card of an EU citizen’s family member, and if you do not have the opportunity – another document that confirms that you are a family member of an EU citizen,

5. For Citizens of countries not mentioned above:

◦ a valid travel document,

  • visa, any proof of legal stay in Poland


If you are a foreigner and you moved to Poland permanently, you must register for permanent residency. The same rules apply.

1. DO IT ONLINE: (EU/EFTA/Swiss confederation citizens only)

2. or in the OFFICE – Urzad Miasta Wroclaw

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