Blue card/residence for workers with high qualifications: Q&A and requirements


Q: where can I apply for the blue card?
A: you can apply in voivode’s office in any city in Dolnośląski:

  • Wrocław: ul. plac Powstańców Warszawy 1, 50-153
  • Legnica: ul. Fryderyka Skarbka 3, 59-200
  • Wałbrzych: ul. Słowackiego 23a
  • Jelenia Gora: ul. Piłsudskiego 12

You may need to call and reserve an appointment as they might not have the queue system due to the huge amount of applications.

Q: what happens if I lose my card or got stolen ?
A: If you lose it then you have to apply to get a replacement card at the voivode’s office where you got your card. You will need the address registration certificate (if you want an address on the card), the decision paper, and the proof of payment (100zl). If it got stolen then you need a paper from the police saying that it was stolen and the requirements are the same but you will need to pay 50 zł. If you lose your card again then the fee will be 150 zł and not 100 zł.

Q: what are the benefits of the blue card?
A: You can change the job without the need to apply for a work permission. Your spouse can work without work permission, but needs residence permit, just needs a copy of your decision and maybe the actual card to prove that s/he has the right to work. If you quit your job, then you get 3 months to find another job, not 1 month (for temporary residence). It is easier to change the country, as you need to just exchange the card with that country’s blue card. It counts the period to get your permanent residence permit.

Q: Can I apply for the permanent residence with the blue card?
A: Yes. You must work for 33 months in the hosting state or 21 months while also earning the B1 language certificate which enables you to qualify for the permanent residency permit earlier. Furthermore, if you work in different EU member states and gather 5 years of work experience altogether then you are a strong candidate for the permanent residency permit.

Q: what happens if I stay outside the EU? Will I residence be invalid?
A: you can stay in a non-EU country for a year without any problems, but if you cross the year then your residence is cancelled automatically.

Q: I have a temporary residence card, Can I apply for the blue card if I fulfill the requirements and my card is valid?
A: yes you can apply for the blue card anytime you want as long as you have a valid residence card/visa and fulfill the requirements.

Q: I have a blue card, do I need work permission?
A: No, as the blue card is your work permission and after changing the employer, you do not need to apply for work permission.

Q: If I change my job in the first two years/after two years, do you I have to just inform the voivode’s office or apply again for a new card?
A: Within the first two years: you have to inform the voivode’s office within 15 working days. You need to apply again for a new card, if 1. You change the company, 2 change the position, 3. Company lowers your salary. After 2 years you can change the position, or salary you just have to inform them in 15 days. Yet not direct info, if you need to change the card or not.

Q: what happens if I quit my job within the first two years?
A: then you have 15 working days to inform the voivode’s office in written form and then they will give you 3 months to search for work, after getting a new job, you have to inform them within 15 working days. Notice: you cannot use this option more than twice in the card’s validity period.

Q: what happens if I want to work in a different EU country, is my Polish blue card enough?
A: No, theoretically yeah but the blue card is only valid in the issuing country “Poland”. When going to another EU country, you need to exchange your blue card with the new country’s one. Going for a business trip to attend a meeting is not counted as working there. If you will do work in that country then that company has to register that you work for them there and that means registration their foreigner’s office.

Q: can I travel to other EU countries while waiting for my blue card:
A: No, Only with the actual card (not the decision paper, but the plastic card), you can travel to other EU countries up to 3 months for touristic purposes.


  • You must be a non-EU citizen to apply for it.
  • 3 copies of the application for the temporary residence permit (wniosek o pobyt czasowy w celu wykonywania pracy w zawodzie wymagającym wysokich kwalifikacji) for more information, click [ here ]
  • 4 recent photographs in color: 35 mm x 45 mm
  • 2 copies of the applicant’s travel document (e.g. passport). Two copies of the first page where there is information about the holder and one copy of all entrance/exit stamps.
    The labor market test’s results (work permission) for more info, please have a look at [ ]
  • Employment Contract, contract for home-based work or civil law agreement – for at least one year
  • Confirmation of formal higher professional qualifications ( e.g. University certificate)
  • Health insurance confirmation or confirmation of coverage by the insurer of treatment costs in Poland (national health insurance or any private insurance valid in Poland)
  • Annual gross salary resulting from the monthly or annual salary, indicated in the contract, not less than that specified in the regulation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (art. 10 ust. 4 pkt 1 ustawy z dnia 20 kwietnia 2004 r. o promocji zatrudnienia i instytucjach rynku pracy). It is 150% of the average gross salary in the year of applying for the blue card.

If you do not want an address on the card, then you have to write a request to get a card without an address. If you want an address, then you need an address registration certificate “zameldowanie”, which you can get from the municipality office “Urząd miasta”. For more information, please check [ here ]

Along with them, a fee has to be paid (PLN 440). Another PLN 50 is paid on receiving the Blue Card.
After you are granted the blue card, you are restricted to keep the same position for at least 2 years. The salary cannot be changed to a lower one. After 2 years, those amendments can be done, but you have to notify the voivode’s office within 15 days. Changing your address or the work position, as well as transfer to work for another company.

Author: Wasim A.

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  1. If I have left Poland but my blue card is still with me (already informed urzad about me leaving the company )and now Iam working in Dublin can I travel to Poland based on that blue card ?


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