Many times happens that somebody comes to us saying “I wanted to ship my package abroad but when I started to looking for the courier on-line I couldn’t manage to organize the shipment… Some documents were needed, I didn’t know how to pack my things, which option choose and how long time I’d be waiting for a courier…etc.” And such a person is very surprised coming to us because:

  • we have a comfortable parking in front of our office
  • we allow cartoons, envelopes,
  • we pack every kind of stuff: made of glass, jewelry, alcohol, computers, phones etc.
  • we prepare a waybill ourselves and needed documents needed out of UE.

We are open to cooperate with other companies. If you make an international business and you need to send your packages in a safe, comfortable way, please call us or write an e-mail.

Our company is a family company. We are easygoing and we are doing our best to satisfy our customers having good quality services. Our 25 year-old experience helps us being very elastic and practic in what we are doing.

You don’t know how to pack your package?
Maybe you don’t have a necessary packaging materials?
Is it difficult for you to organise the shipment?

Come to see us:

Mail Boxes Etc.
ul. Krakowska 141-155
50-428 Wrocław

Mobile: +48 71 330 65 65

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