Poland becomes one of the countries to re-open its borders

Granica Polski, zdj. ilustracyjne / Źródło: Shutterstock / Sahara Frost
Granica Polski, zdj. ilustracyjne / Źródło: Shutterstock / Sahara Frost

Poland becomes one of the countries to reopen its borders.
Ever since the Covid-19 outbreak in Poland in the middle of March, the Polish government has shut down the country’s borders on 15 May, banning everyone who is not a citizen or a resident from entering the country and at the same time obliging everyone returning from abroad to a 14-day self-isolation. In the stage of national panic, the rapid border shut down has forced a lot of Polish tourists elsewhere to make a fast decision on either coming home within hours or prolonging their stay abroad for an undetermined time. The initial border shutdown was due until 24 March. Later on, as Coronavirus kept spreading, the Polish government decided to postpone the reopening of the borders until 13 April. With a couple of the following stages of prolonging the quarantine, the borders were to be closed until 12 June.

As Poland has flattened the Coronavirus curve, the government has planned the four stages of resuming certain life aspects starting from 20 April. Despite border reopening being on the button of the list, we have finally reached this vital aspect of life.

During the latest press-conference, the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Marowiecki stated: “We have made the decision to reopen our borders within the Schengen zone.” Prime minister explained that every EU citizen of the Schengen zone would be able to come to Poland starting 13 June. Moreover, there will be no obligation for the 14-day self-quarantine beginning from that day. According to the press conference, Poland will open its borders again starting from the night of 12-13 June, and international air traffic will be back on 16 June.

Poland has been one of the first countries in Europe to suspend the functioning of multiple businesses, such as closing restaurants, shopping malls, and beauty salons. Poland has also been one of the first countries to implement border control restrictions, which has helped the country to stay on the button of ranking when it comes to the amount of infected with Covid-19 in the European Union. Poland showed a lack of virus decline with the loosening of the restrictions and returning to a similar life we have had before. Depending on the region, Silesia being the most hit voivodship, Poland is fighting its way to returning to the everyday routines without carrying out on a lot of economic losses.

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