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Work permit

A work permit is a document that allows you to work legally in Poland. However, not every foreigner needs it. In some cases, eg....

Registration in Poland. Zameldowanie for foreigners (EU and non-EU)

Every foreigner who comes to Poland and stays here over 14 days is obliged to file for zameldowanie. Simply speaking, you have to register...

NIP number for foreigners

If you work in Poland and want to obtain and file your taxes here, you need either a NIP or PESEL number. However, not...

PESEL number for foreigners

Every Polish citizen has their own PESEL. Simply speaking, it is an identification number of a person, required in all sorts of places: banks,...

Setting-up a company in Poland

It might sound like a challenge but in fact it is relatively easy. In this little ”know-how” section we will explain to you in...


Population: Over 38 million Capital city: Warsaw Political system: Parliamentary republic Main languages: Polish (official), English (main urban centres) Major religions: Catholicism (80 percent) Time: GMT +1 (GMT +2...


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