Our Wroclaw Expats FB group has more than 16000 members. Wroclaw Expats is information point for foreigners, who live in the city and who visit it. Here you can get priceless information in any case!

The Story

I began this group in August 2008 with the idea of helping Expats to settle into their new life in Poland. 
In the beginning, “Nasza Klasa” polish social network was quite popular among Poles, however when Facebook’s popularity hit Europe people also started joining our group. Thus, the group started growing rapidly and became stronger within months.  
Due to the stability of Polish economy along with the crises in some European countries like Ukraine’s conflict with Russia, the Expats community started to grow in Poland. 

I am proud of the group and happy to announce that we now have over 16k members and  approving new members daily has become a habit.
Although our group has seen outstanding growth since 2014 and we are considered the #1 Expat group in the area, I am embarrassed to say that I got to meet only a small percentage of our members.

In order for the group to maintain the status of “Most Active” and friendly, my decision is to start rewarding the administrators and contributors who ensure the platform is well maintained and always up to date. It wouldn’t be fair to leave them without a cent for their work input over the years.

There are other expenses involved when managing our platform and the reason why I’m charging the fee is to also:

  • monitor the group- maintain the webpage
  • pay: Writers/Journalists/Proof-readers and Editors

In order to cover the expenses, I am charging companies. Your company will be also listed as a contributor on our page and in categories menu.

List of contributors