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Expats, migrants or Wrocławians?

Foreigners living in Poland will have experienced various reactions to having decided to live here: You’re from New York, wow! London? Cool! France? Nice...

Donation Of 1% Income Tax On Your PIT

So, the time has come to complete your yearly tax declaration in Poland, and you’ve just about got your head around it (or you...

Racism in Wrocław – how to understand it and deal with it

If you are a foreigner, you may have experienced racism at some point during your time in Wrocław. This is bad news for Polish-Foreign...

The Know-It-All-Wrocław-Expat

Ah, Poland. A magical land that attracts people from all over the world. Some are looking for fame, some for fortune, others are just...

Road Trip From Wrocław

My girlfriend and I took advantage of a four-day weekend to take a road trip from Wrocław. Since we weren’t from here, we were...

Afrykarium in Wrocław – a definite must see!

Today we visited Wrocław’ Zoo to test the brand new, fresh Afrykarium. We were positively surprised right from the start, massive building (!), with zebras,...

“First Time Parent” Issues

The moment you’ve announced you’re having a baby, you’ll start hearing many tips and wise hints from everyone around. “You better get some sleep now...



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