Guitar Guinness World Record Beaten Again


On the 1st of May Wroclaw`s Rynek traditionally filled with enthusiastic crowds of music lovers and musicians who gathered there to beat the Guinness World Guitar Record. We have seen thousands of people paying Jimi Hendrix`s Hey Joe. The attempt to beat the record set in 2016 was successful as there were 7411 guitarists in comparison to 7356 seen two years ago. The achievement was officially announced from the stage by the President of Wroclaw, Rafał Dutkiewicz.
The contest takes place in Wroclaw every year since 2003 thanks to an initiative of Leszek Cichoński who is a renowned blues guitarist and a composer. In the first year of record beating there were 588 guitarists and the number has been gradually growing to almost 7500 in this year. The record beating is also the musical feast gathering various artists from different places who come to Wroclaw also for Thanks Jimi Festival commemorating Jimi Hendrix’s musical heritage.
Guinness World Guitar Record beating is open to everyone and free of charge. All you need is a guitar (ukulele, mandolin, banjo or balalaika also will do) and know just five chords: C, G, D, A, E used in Hey Joe.

Facebook page: Gitarowy Rekord Guinnessa

Autor: Tomasz Ratajczyk, Polish-English Sworn Translator. Yesterday Translations

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