Cameras on police uniforms


Even before Christmas, 60 cameras from the garrison of Lower Silesia will be equipped with cameras monitoring the work of officers. This is the result of a pilot program of the Ministry of Interior and Administration. The material recorded by the recorders is supposed to be evidence of disputable cases involving police officers.

According to, the pilot program will be carried out in three garrisons. Cameras will be tested in, Warsaw, Podlasie and Lower Silesia. Each garrison will test 60 devices – 30 type A (basic camera, image and sound recording) and 30 type B (additionally has a movable lens).

The purchase of cameras is part of the modernization program for uniformed services run by the Ministry of Interior and Administration.

Cameras on police uniforms will be able to operate without interruption for up to 10 hours. – They will transmit image and sound in an encrypted system. Also the moment of registration of the event will allow to identify the officer who supports it and to set the date and time of intervention – announces supt. Helena Michalak, Deputy Police Chief.

Some residents see in this situation benefits for the police, accusing surveillance under the guise of modernization. Many people are concerned that this will end with fines for various minor offenses like going through a roadway without lanes, when it escapes the police officer’s attention, but it will be recorded by the camera. In turn, some are full of hope for this project, seeing it as a chance for better understanding with the authorities and equalizing forces.

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