Mortgage loan for Expat in Poland? Not a problem


If you want to buy an apartment and don’t have sufficient funds a mortgage loan might be an only solution. Generally there is no difference in Polish banks’ approach to foreigners when it comes to the mortgage. Here are basic facts you need to know.

Documents you’ll need when applying for a mortgage in Poland

  • passport
  • residence card OR  registration of residence (if you are EU citizen)
  • MELDUNEK (residence address certificate)
  • PESEL (confirmation of PESEL number assignment)

Permit to purchase a residential property in Poland – not necessarily

  • You don’t need a permit if you’re going to buy an apartment and a parking space  

If you a non-EU citizen and want to buy a house in Poland without a permit, there are certain conditions you have to comply with:

  • you have been residing in Poland for at least 5 years from the issuance of a permanent residence permit
  • you have been residing in Poland for at least 2 years if your spouse is a Polish national

If you don’t comply with conditions mentioned above (and you non-EU) you have to apply for a permit to the Minister of Internal Affairs.

You may find some useful information here: purchasing of property in Poland.

Polish mortgage market basic facts & requirements

  • you should have an stable income
  • you should have savings to cover down payment (10% at least)
  • you can get a mortgage for 30 or 35 years
  • you can finance all residential purposes (purchase, renovation / finishing works, new house build, refinance residential expenses)
  • you can get a mortgage only in currency of your incomes

If you want to know more about mortgage loans in Poland check out the blog.

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