happysad brings the heat to Wrocław this weekend among sub-zero temperatures…

happysad at Warsaw Palladium 2018 (photo. Kasia Bubik fotografia koncertowa via facebook)

The Kings of the Underground: A triple Threat. Wrocław welcomes happysad, Ted Nemeth, and Lewe Łokcie

Well, it’s colder than a (insert preferred expletive here) out there. And while NBC Washington has compiled a fine list of ways to keep warm during an extreme winter chill, I’d like to offer up one of my own alternatives. This Saturday night, be sure to wrap in your warmest leather and head on down to A2- Centrum Koncertowe to catch the hottest rock show in town, featuring happysad and guests Ted Nemeth along with Lewe Łokcie.

Much to their fans’ delight, featured headliners happysad have recently embarked on the spring leg of their tour to further promote their latest album “Ciało Obce”. The album is experimental, alternative, and a prime example of what it means to mature gracefully as musicians and artists in an industry which is becoming increasingly more occupied with marketability rather than musical merit. The band, whose career spans over a decade, has much to offer in terms of a set list. Rumor has it that apart from their most recent hits, the band has blown the dust off many of their older anthems and revamped them with a modern twist. The set, dynamic in itself, transitions through a number of phases, from rhythmic guitar backed by hard-hitting drums to tripped out guitar laden with heavy distortion and effects and just enough fan favorites to keep the teeny boppers in the front row coming back for more. The whole affair is accompanied by a bellowing saxophone which apparently, is the one instrument that rock n’ roll has been missing all this time. You can check happysad’s single “Heroina” (“Heroin”) below for a taste of what’s to come.

Make sure to be punctual because when it comes to supporting bands, happysad does not disappoint.

First on the list are Łódź’s finest young rock n’ rollers, Ted Nemeth. Ted Nemeth is garage band rock with a heavier twist. Their newly released second studio album, CTRL C, is a medley of indie rock hits bordering on post-punk and set to the exquisitely poetic lyrics written by frontman Patryk Pietrzak himself. A testament to their transition into adulthood, CTRL C has garnered rave reviews, even being named as one of the top 30 best albums released in 2017 by All About Music. But in the true spirit of rock n roll, here’s to hoping the band hasn’t outgrown their infamous stage dives and screeching guitars. Fun fact: If lead singer, Patryk Pietrzak, looks familiar, it may be beacuse you’ve seen him star in McDonald’s latest rock n’ roll inspired TV ad.

Last but in no way least are Lewe Łokcie. Let me address the elephant in the room and just put it out there that Lewe Lewe Łokcie’s recent single “Na skróty” or “Shortcut” bears a striking resemblance to happysad’s earlier work with a bit of Pidżama Porno thrown in for an edgier sound. From a Western perspective, they are a cross between Brand New and Weezer; a super nostalgic sound reminiscent of the glory days of teenage basement rock shows of yore. The band had been on a four year long hiatus due to the departure of their drummer. However, they’ve returned in better shape than ever, armed with their second studio album by the name of “Spokojnie, spokojnie” or “Calmly, calmly” and newer members added to their line up. Check their debut single down below.

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