Wrocław writing competition


Perhaps we have all fancied ourselves as writer at some point: some people believe they have a hidden talent, others simply enjoy expressing themselves through writing and some simply want to record a good story for the sake of posterity. Now there is a chance to get your short story published. The city of Wrocław is sponsoring a writing competition open to all people (Poles and foreigners) who consider Wrocław home. The main idea is to write a short story based on real events which looks at Polish-foreigner relationships and has a positive and inspiring message. The competition open to everyone living here and the entry can be written in either Polish of English languages. The best 10 Polish language and 10 best English language stories will be selected, translated into English and Polish and published by the city later this year. Each winning entry will receive a copy of the book and have their personal biography included together with a photo and contact details. It is clear that Wrocław is a popular city and many people have chosen to stay here for a variety of reasons. It is also evident that the city has a growing foreign population and the clear way to successfully live together in the city we share is to co-operate and share worthwhile experiences in order to learn from one another. Full details of the competition are attached. So, if you fancy having a go, feel free and you never know, you could have your first story published!

Written by: Terry Clark-Ward

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