Donation Of 1% Income Tax On Your PIT


So, the time has come to complete your yearly tax declaration in Poland, and you’ve just about got your head around it (or you will be paying someone to do it for you!). You’ve filled in everything, but then you’ve encountered something about donating 1% of your income tax. What is this donation, and what can you do with it?

Well, the answer is simple. Every taxpayer in Poland has the right to donate 1% of their income tax to a charitable foundation, and Wroclaw Expats is here to help you with several carefully selected causes that you can donate to.

Fundacja Wrocławskie Hospicjum dla Dzieci – The Wroclaw Hospice for Children Foundation
KRS 0000287982 – [ link ]

One of the most well known foundations in Lower Silesia, the Wroclaw Hospice for Children Foundation does a lot of fundraising throughout the year to support children in their own homes, including the purchase of specialist equipment and rehabilitation as required. They also provide comprehensive services for children with terminal illnesses, including support for parents.

Fundacja Dwa Plus Cztery – The Two Plus Four Foundation
KRS 0000341427 – [ link ]

For those that care about animals, the Fundacja Dwa Plus Cztery should be on your list. The foundation provides comprehensive services for the care and protection of animals, with a focus on housing and rehoming cats and dogs. They also take part in a wide range of other activities, including training of volunteers and prosecuting those who commit crimes against animals.

Fundacja “Dajmy Szanzę” – The “We Give A Chance” Foundation
KRS 0000174002 – [ link ]

The foundation works with a wide range of people that are either at risk of being socially excluded or who are already in a position of social exclusion. They work with the children who have parents with problems, newly released prisoners, addicts and their families, elderly people and more. They also make wide use of education to help improve the lives of vulnerable people, and their work directly impacts upon the lives of those helped.

If none of these appeal, there is also the option to donate the 1% directly to a child in need. After careful consideration, we have selected the following child:

Jaśmina is 5 years old and has severe autism. All money raised for her will be used for her development, including intensive speech therapy, specialist medical treatment, testing to provide an exact diagnosis and more: all of which is designed to give her at least a chance of living as other children live.

[ Facebook page ] – Jaśmina Bazylow. You can find all details on the cover picture at the top of this Facebook page, and the page also contains details about her condition and treatments. Every Zloty will help to give her one step towards a better life, something we all take for granted sometimes.

The full database is available here – [ page ] – unfortunately, only in the Polish language. While it’s not possible to provide a detailed guide here, if you want a specific recommendation for a foundation that meets your personal goals, comment below!

SOURCEFrederick Bollinger
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