This weekend 13th edition of Brave Festival starts in Wroclaw


This year Wroclaw will host the 13th edition of Brave Festival. This edition is named Visible – Invisible and will reveal series of unique, often hardly available artistic performances for its viewers. 11 of the invited artists or artistic groups are connected together by social aspect and fact that all of them use art – especially music and theatre not us entertainment but as a tool to influence social changes and reality. Also as weapon against injustice and foreclosure.

Brave Festival is the only Polish review of cultures, traditions and rites from all over the world, which are on the border of becoming extinct. The festival unchangeably keeps the meaningful subtitle “Against Cultural Exile”. Its first edition took place in 2005 and today it is one of the most important emblems of Wrocław. Grzegorz Bral, the originator and artistic director, created a specific festival showing the authentic art of various nations, which is cultivated and maintained by  participants of communities, who live in unfavourable social, religious and political conditions or which are endangered with a loss of their own culture for the benefit of civilizational assimilation.

Full programme of the festival: [ here ]

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