Cafe Równik – This is a great initiative


I was there again for the second consecutive day. Cafe Równik came up just few days back. What pulled me there again? Well, its located a bit inside, away from the traffic of Boleslawa Drobnera. This is something which cannot go unnoticed if you are near Poczta Polska at ul. Jedności Narodowej. The ambiance is soulful. I felt the warmth as soon as I stepped into their premises. Moreover its clean, tidy, spacious, well lit and it has a nice sitting arrangement where you can sit at one corner and enjoy your coffee.

The service is what makes this place different from your usual cafes. This place is run by exceptional people and they are very good at their jobs. They’ll present you the food on time along with a warm smile. They are simply amazing and so welcoming and friendly.
It’s initiative started by two professors from Department of Speech Therapy, Neurologopedics, from University of Wrocław. Here one will find disabled people serving the clients. I found some of then do understand and speak English. Coming to the food part, they have a good collection of confectioner items and a wide range of tea and coffee. They are really delicious and price range is at par. On the tabled I found a paper with the heading ‘Bajka o Misiu Mokrej Lapce’. In English it is “Fairy Tale of the Wet Teddy Bear”. This was really cute, a story with pictures of animal drawn on it.

What I found is this is somewhere one can go with friends and spend time. A big thumbs up from my side. Its highly recommended.

Written by: Debanjan Sipra Das

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