Wrocław New Year’s Eve 2017/2018


At 19.00 on 31st of December 2017 the New Year’s Eve event will begin on pl. Gołębi.. The event will be produced by BF Impart and Konrad Imiela, the director of the Musical Theater Capitol.

The title of the upcoming New Year’s Eve is “Colors of Joy”.

This year, we have only one New Year’s Eve stage on pl. Gołębi and was designed as a vibrant color, mapping, visuals displayed on LED screens. The performance of each subsequent band will be bound in the colors assigned to it. This “rainbow idea” is a metaphor for diversity and a manifesto of tolerance.

The fenced off area in front of the stage will be accessible via one of the four entrances accessible from each side of the Market Square from 18.00. In order to enter the area please do not carry dangerous items (glass and plastic bottles, knives and weapons, fireworks). To secure the area and the participants, in addition to security guards, are: city guards, fire brigade and police. During New Year’s Eve in Sukiennice streat, a medical center will be created. There will also be two ambulances and double medical patrols.

For additional security, zones will be separated during the event, in which you will not be able to drive a car. This applies to: the area around Solny Square, Odrzańska street and St. Nicholas street. The ban is to be valid until at least 7.00 am.

Public transport on this day will run according to the Sunday timetable, no additional bus or tram routes are provided. 1 January 2018 (Monday) – all tram lines will run according to holiday timetables.

The toilets will be located in the Potter’s Passage, and much more will be placed on the Market Square as well. In total, there will be at least 40 of them. You can find disabled toilets  in Potter’s Passage.

The colours of joy are the guiding idea of the upcoming New Year’s Eve in Wrocław 2017/2018. This year’s line-up features mainly local artists.


  • 19.00 – 19.25 Paweł Gołębski and DJ warm up the audience before the start of the concert.
  • 19.25 – 20.10 Lech Janerka
  • 20.15 – 20.45 Cong Line
  • 20.50 – 21.30 Natalia Sikora sings Janis Joplin
  • 21.35 – 22.20 Kozak System
  • 22.30 – 0.05 100 years of joy
  • 0.10 – 1.00 Afromental

The New Year’s Eve festivities will be celebrated with a firework show, and a low pyrotechnics show around the stage, the levels of noise not exceeding the health and safety measures suitable for humans and domestic animals.

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