69. Wroclaw Stock Exchange of Minerals, Fossils and Jewelry


Between November 25th and 26th, the 69th edition of the Wrocław Stock Exchange for Minerals, Fossils and Jewelry will be held in the Centennial Hall (Wystawowa 1).


In the program of exhibitions and collections of minerals, fossils, meteorites; Readings of popular science. At the exhibition stands (exhibitors from Poland, but also from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany):

– jewelry of silver, gold, precious and ornamental stones, coral, pearls, amber, stone products;

– minerals and fossils from Lower Silesia and other regions of Poland, as well as from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Morocco, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Madagascar, Pakistan, Vietnam;

– collectors and jewelry accessories; Artistic glassware, ceramics, leather, horn and wood, shells and butterflies, arts and crafts from Egypt, Peru, Mexico, India, spices.

Reduced ticket 7zł

Normal ticket 10zł

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