Get a free haircut and support cancer fighters!


On Sunday, June 10, at 13.00 anyone who wants to help breast cancer patients, and by the way cut or just shorten hair can come on pl. Solny.
In this symbolic way, “giving our heads away” (in Polish “daję głowę”) and basically our hair, we sympathize with women suffering from breast cancer. For each “head” sponsors will pay money to an association that looks after women struggling with cancer. You do not need to shave your head for baldness or cut your hair significantly. You can cut the hair, trim or shorten it literally by a centimeter. What matters is a gesture and … every head. With the longest hair, the wig-maker will make wigs for women who have lost their hair after chemotherapy. The hair to be wound must have a minimum of 25 cm, be even and not dyed.

The organizers expect a lot of interest, but they warn: do not think you will get a fancy haircut and look like a movie star. There will be no time for this. Only an even cut of hair.

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Ken Liu is an American writer and photographer currently living in Wrocław. You can follow him on Twitter or Instagram @kenkliu


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