Piwnica Świdnicka – the oldest restaurant in Europe is already over 700 years old


The oldest restaurant in Europe is part of the 10-room Basement of Świdnica,

Located on the Main Market Square in Wroclaw. The 900 square meter restaurant has been operating since 1273, when the national cuisine was spiced with beef and beer. For hundreds of years this was the only brewery in the city.

The restaurant was initially subject to many amendments, until 1519, when the basement of the basement was connected with a tunnel with an underground brewery. Since then, the place has undergone only cosmetic changes – in 1904 the decor was changed to a recessive style. Despite the bombing of the city in 1945 the cellars remained intact.

The total area of the restaurant is 1680 m2, of which 900 m2 are nine consumer rooms, varied in terms of decor, type of service and prices. The cellar can provide its guests 380 seats with the possibility of booking individual rooms.

The Świdnicka Piwnica’s cuisine is based on traditional Polish dishes appreciated by foreign tourists and domestic gourmets, as well as sophisticated international cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere catering to the most discerning guests.

Cultural events

The City Hall is professionally prepared for music concerts. It is equipped with the most modern sound equipment (Meyer Sound) and lighting (20 scanners Martin). On the stage at the disposal of artists there is a concert piano Yamaha, one of the two instruments of this class in Poland. On comfortable couches and armchairs can sit up to 40 people, and during the concert by bringing chairs the capacity of the room increases to 100 seats.

Wroclaw’s Elit Cabaret, which every Monday during the ELITA Cabaret Evenings, is inviting its friends and the stars of the cabaret show to entertain the young and the older spectators.

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