NIP number for foreigners


If you work in Poland and want to obtain and file your taxes here, you need either a NIP or PESEL number. However, not every foreigner, especially nonEU residents have their PESEL. In that case, they can apply for the NIP number.

What is NIP?

NIP is a tax identification number. Your employer will need it to pay your PIT (personal income tax) for you. It is also required if you want to start your own business in Poland. The best is to start applying for NIP right after your find a job in Poland. Getting it is free of charge.

How to get a NIP number?

1) Find the tax office, according to your residency address. There is a couple of them in Wrocław – at Stare Miasto, Śródmieście, Krzyki, Fabryczna, Psie Pole. If you are not sure which one is right in your case, you can check (here)

2) Prepare the documents:

  • fill in the NIP7 form, link (here). The forms are also available in every tax office.
  • take a photocopy of your ID/passport/residency card. The original will also be needed.
  • take a copy of your work agreement. The original will also be needed.

3) Take the documents to your tax office and submit them. It is best to take a Polish speaker with you. The documents may also be sent by registered mail.

4) It takes at least one month to get your NIP number. Later, you can collect it in person in your tax office, or, if you prefer, have it mailed to your address via post.

You can find further information on the Ministry of Finance site: (English version available here).

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