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Sunday Lunch is the first English-Polish language radio show on Polish Radio in the whole country. It is broadcast from Wrocław on Radio RAM 89.8 FM (part of Radio Wrocław) and can be heard within a 50 km range from the city with a car radio and of course from everywhere online. You can hear it live every Sunday 12 p.m.-2 p.m.
It was first broadcast in January 2016 and was created by Englishman and language school owner, Terry Clark-Ward and is co-hosted by assistant director of music at RAM, Maciej Przestalski.

The idea behind the show is to cater for two categories of people: English speaking foreigners living in the Wrocław area and Poles who speak and/or are learning English and appreciate something in English language over the airwaves. Terry Speaks in English and Maciej translates in a relaxed, Sunday style so that everyone understands what is going on. In between spoken entrances, there is a varied mix of Sunday grooves including: Jazz, Blues, Electronic, Chill out, Funk and a wide range of newly released alternative music.
Sunday Lunch comprises several sections: The weather in English, What’s on the show today, Food feature, Clever competition, Culture Corner and in the second hour there is always a foreign guest living in Wrocław sharing their impressions of the city.
People from all over the globe live in Wrocław and many are doing interesting and exciting things while others are enjoying a fulfilling career and good quality of life in the city. Of course there are struggles, challenges and difficulties too; everyone has their story of Wrocław and Sunday Lunch is always keen to invite guests onto the show.
Previous guests include: Chris Baldwin, Director of performance for the European Capital of Culture, Bente Kahan – Leader of the Jewish community and honorary citizen of Wrocław, singer-song-writer, Sam Alty, Filmmaker and writer, Owen Williams, Stand-up comedienne, Keelah Rose Calloway, Arts and Crafts enthusiast, Amanda Anthony and local antiques lover, Richard Jeffery. And if you miss the show, don’t worry, the interview section is put up on Soundcloud every week.
The facebook site is regularly updated with interesting pieces of information and links to interviews, historical photos and advice on where to go and what to see in and around the city.
This week (31st December), we’ll meet the man who started popular Wrocław Expats facebook page, Pedro Gomes.

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written by: Terry Clark-Ward

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