Wrocław – WRM (Wrocław urban bikes) – City bikes rental expands to new sites


Wrocław: 5 new city bike stations will appear in spring. We know their locations.

At the turn of March and April new stations of Wrocław City Bike will be launched. They appear at 5 service and petrol stations in various parts of the city. In total, the WRM system will be expanded by about 50 new two-wheelers.

The new stations are the result of cooperation between PKN ORLEN and Nextbike Polska. The representatives of the operator announced that the bicycles available at ORLEN stations will be fully compatible with the existing public bicycle system, which means that vehicles taken from these locations can be left at any bike stations in the city and vice versa.

– Rental at gas stations will be carried out on the same principles as before, using the terminal or mobile applications – add Nextbike Polska representatives.

New WRM stations will be built at ORLEN stations at ul. Żmigrodzka 116, Ślężna 129A, Ślężna 88A,Fr. Witolda 79 and Rawicka 2.

Bicycle stations at gas stations are an original, but only seemingly new and surprising idea. Thanks to them, PKN ORLEN not only expands its offer to existing customers, but also opens up to new consumer groups. It is also a proven marketing platform to support the sale of products and services already today used by numerous shopping malls, office owners, or logistic parks throughout Poland – says Tomasz Wojtkiewicz, president of Nextbike Polska.

We want to set new standards for the fuel market, but also related to the approach to consumer needs. We know that our clients appreciate not only the product offer, but also the service offer at the stations. Already today in several cities, you can rent a car at our stations, now also bicycles will be available – emphasizes Krzysztof Łagowski, one of the executive directors of PKN ORLEN.

The Wrocław City Bike System will be restarted on March 1.

However, the WRM system will not include new stations that Wrocław residents chose as part of the Wrocław Citizen Budget 2016. Contrary to earlier announcements, 9 rental sites (three at Muchoborze Wielkie, Sołtysowice and Ołtaszyn and Wojszyce) will not be built until 2019, when a new contract will be signed with the system operator.

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