There are 4 big internet suppliers in Poland offering high transfer speeds up to 1Gb without data limit: Orange, UPC, Netia and Vectra.

1Gb/s 500Mb/s 1Gb/s 600Mb/s
PLN99/month (first 12 months only 69.99PLN) 69,99PLN/month 83PLN/month 99,99PLN/month

Most popular data transfer speeds are 100-150Mb/s, there are quite a few good offers in this range.

100Mb/s 150Mb/s 150Mb/s 150Mb/s
69,99pln/month activation fee 0PLN router hire 3.99PLN/month 43PLN/month activation fee 49PLN 49,99PLN/month activation fee 1PLN 39,99PLN/month activation fee 59,90PLN
in a plan for 24 months, the first 12 months are for 39,99PLN 24 month plan
24 month plan 24 month plan
Additional info:
– a fiber optic cable connected to the FunBox 3.0 Wi-Fi router. If you connect an external device (pendrive or disk) to the modem, then you will be able to share your multimedia in one home network. The FunBox application allows for easy, intuitive router management.
Additional info:
– we get a Wi-Fi router – HBO GO for PLN 19.90 a month (the first month for PLN 1)
– anti-virus for PLN 9.90 a month with two licenses.
Additional info:
– Connect Box router gives you the ability to work in two Wi-Fi frequencies. The 2.4 GHz frequency allows you to connect older devices to the router, while the newer 5 GHz frequency enables faster and easier connection to the router.
– Additionally, to improve the wireless coverage, you can buy a WiFi Booster set at UPC for 15 PLN a month.
– HBO GO for PLN 19.90 a month
– FREE Telewizja na Start with 34 digital TV channels including 23 HD
Additional info:
– HBO GO at 24.99PLN/month
– Eleven Sport GO at 14.99PLN/month
– Vectra F-Secure Secure Internet package for two devices – 6.90PLN/month

Apart from the big companies , there are also local businesses offering internet services in Wroclaw:

150Mb/s 300Mb/s 100Mb/s 100Mb/s
49,99PLN/month activation fee 1,23PLN 50PLN/month activation fee 59,90PLN 71PLN/month activation fee 160PLN 60PLN/month activation fee up to 99PLN
router hire 1,50PLN/month free router free router free router
24 month plan 24 month plan 24 month plan 24 month plan
fiber-optic Internet is PLN 79.99 per month for 600 Mb / s no data limits The fastest fiber-optic Internet – 700 Mb / s – costs PLN 70 per month – there are 4 packages available:
the cheapest option is 30Mb/s for 69,99PLN/month
– 4 packages available depending on the speed needed
– 60Mb/s for 49PLN no data limit

In case there is no possibility of connecting the above internet options at your address, there are LTE Technology options for you to consider:

no data limit data limit transfer 250Gb data limit transfer 300Gb data limit 100Gb (LTE no limit) 100Gb (LTE no limit)
60Mb/s 150Mb/s 150Mb/s 300Mb/s 300Mb/s
49PLN/month 69,99PLN/ month 80PLN/month 69,99PLN/month 70PLN/month
activation fee 49PLN activation fee 49,99PLN activation fee 39PLN activation fee 9PLN activation fee 29,99PLN
router free router hire 25PLN/month router free router hire 20PLN/month router hire 15PLN/month
24 month plan 24 month plan 24 month plan 24 month plan 24 month plan

I hope all the information will clear your head and help you make the right choice.

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