Mateusz Zielonka from Wrocław won the MasterChef


The finale of the sixth edition of the MasterChef program is behind us. The winner was a Wrocław citizen, Mateusz Zielonka. Cooking is not his only passion, Mateusz does sport, one of his favorites is snowboarding. Mateusz is surfing in the summer. See who Mateusz Zielonka is and what other passions he has.

His parents infected him with a passion for winter sports. He made his first steps on skis at the age of three. He got the snowboard board at the age of eleven. He decided to take part in the MasterChef program spontaneously, but everyone immediately fell in love with the chef-snowboarder. He went to the casting to check. Today he is the winner of the program. In interviews he admits that he is not a vegetarian, but meat dishes are relatively rare. He hasn’t got any favourite dish. Winning the program was a surprise for him.

In the first competition, the finalists had to prepare a vegetarian dish. Each participant drew a plate of red, green or yellow vegetables. The green was drawn by Mateusz Zielonka, who prepared roll-ups with sugar peas, zucchini and millet. Magda Gessler and Annie Starmach tasted great, but Michel Moran said that the portion is too small. “It was supposed to be the main course, it’s not about the taste, it’s about the amount,” he said.

Damian Sobek drew red vegetables and prepared stuffed peppers. It would seem that it was too simple a dish for the Masterchef final, but the jurors liked the stuffing very much. Magda Gessler only pointed out that the rice was too hard. – I have never eaten such stuffed pepper – Damiana Ania Starmach consoled.

Mateusz Guncel drew yellow vegetables and prepared corn cream with coconut milk, lime and salad. – Beautiful, very creative, mature – said Magda Gessler.

Mateusz Guncel and Mateusz Zielonka went to the second stage of the final. Participants had to prepare 5 dishes at the restaurant level within 120 minutes. Mateusz Guncel gave, among others fois gras with raspberries, scallops in roasted butter with cauliflower and white chocolate mousse, rabbit savory with black pudding, sponge cake with halva mousse. Mateusz Zielonka, a beetroot from yellow beets, a confit of duck’s leg with celery puree and chocolate sauce, fried haddock with mint, miss canteen with oscypek cheese.

It was already the sixth edition of the MasterChef program. The prize for the laureate, who was Mateusz Zielonka from Wrocław, is PLN 100,000 and the publication of a cookbook with its own recipes.

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