Language Room


Language Room is a school run by experienced teachers who love their jobs and who continuously strive to improve their skills. We use the latest methods and educational materials to make the learning not only effective, but also enjoyable. In addition to language courses, we also offer professional services related to the editing of texts and translating. Please contact us for more information.

  • Polish for foreigners, English, Spanish, German, French and other languages
  • Experienced and passionate teachers
  • Preparation for the state certification examinations in Polish as a foreign language with an experienced examiner
  • Modern, effective methods and techniques
  • Individual and group classes
  • Face-to-face and online classes at the school (ul. Piłsudskiego 60/3, Arkady Capitol bus stop) or at a place suitable for our students
  • A friendly atmosphere
  • Classes at all levels (A0 – C2)

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