Wroclaw preparing for Świętojański Fair – 18/05-25/06


Tourists may no longer taka a commemorative photo at the Wroclaw pillory. A large part of the south-eastern part of the Old Market Square has been fenced while workers set wooden boxes and flower pots with greenery as preparations for the Świętojański Fair.

The Świętojański Fair is inspired by the long standing tradition of Midsummer Night, celebrated from 23 to 24 June.

It is considered an enchanted night, formerly cultivated among the Slavs as a festival of fire and water. The most important rites were related to lighting the fire and immersing in water. Sobótka, also known as Midsummer Night, was also a feast of love and fertility.

Świętojański Fair 2018 will operate on the Old Market Square and on fragments of Świdnicka and Oławska streets from May 18 to June 25. It puts on the spring climate in its surroundings. It is colorful, green, and in addition to handicrafts and regional products in wooden houses offers rest on sun loungers on the route and on the beach. There will also be food and drinks.

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