G Coffee Company – Coffee shop


Our mission as a company is to create value by giving exceptional customer service and delivering a superior product through the development of our coffee roaster.

Our doors opened in early 2015 to complete chaos, and incredible popularity, despite the chaos people kept coming back, showing us that our sincere efforts and friendly approach was appreciated by our Guests.  It made us want to reach out further and spread our ideas of good customer service and great coffee.

G Coffee Company has changed over time, realizing that we can reach farther by expanding into supplying local cafes, offices and restaurants with superior products made by our roaster.

We are constantly tweaking our product by listening to our Guests & Clients and improving our processes and blends for them.

Our next few months are very exciting as we are designing and building a home/office/& Café coffee machine in addition to a larger roaster to better service our local friends; A roaster we hope will allow us to bring our unique products to an international audience.

See you soon!

Author: Gaston Sitbon

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