Afrykarium in Wrocław – a definite must see!


Today we visited Wrocław’ Zoo to test the brand new, fresh Afrykarium.

We were positively surprised right from the start, massive building (!), with zebras, ostriches and giraffes greeting and welcoming guests near the entrance:


Despite the fact that there is still a bit to be done and that the zoo is still waiting for some animals, we enjoyed it a lot and I definitely recommend it to families with children.  We were surprised by how big the Afrykarium is and how well it is constructed and thought over. There’s loads to see and I swear I didn’t see any bored child around which is quite close to a miracle.

IMG_3312 IMG_3338

IMG_3335 IMG_3282

Our Little Man wasn’t really impressed (not a surprise – a 9 month old baby won’t ever be impressed at the zoo) but he still found something to look at wherever we stopped for a while as Afrykarium offers a variety of sceneries you have to go through in order to see everything. There’s plenty of tanks, terrariums (not inhabited yet), a jungle, waterfall, a water tunnel and pools with animals of course which you can observe either from outside or from below the water level.






The official opening of Afrykarium is planned for the 26th of October 2014. As for now, until March, the entrance to Afrykarium will be included in the ticket you buy to enter Wrocław Zoo (30PLN regular ticket, 20PLN child, children up to the age of 3 enter the zoo for free; for more information and offers visit: [ details here ]

IMG_3261 IMG_3326  IMG_3331IMG_3349

*Worth knowing before you decide to visit Afrykarium with your child:

One is not allowed to eat or drink on the premises.


There are lifts and elevators – disabled friendly and baby friendly place.


There are very many places you can sit and rest while watching different animals and species around.


What we all loved most about this place is that you can observe all creatures from really close touch- distance and you can actually see that the animals are happy with all the space they have for themselves! Seals dancing in the water – unforgettable!


(photos by Janusz Krzeszowski)

All in all, Afrykarium is a great place, absolutely worth seeing and something our Zoo can be very proud of!

Author: Maja Nieznanska- Musial

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