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Wrocław – WRM (Wrocław urban bikes) – City bikes rental expands to new sites

Wrocław: 5 new city bike stations will appear in spring. We know their locations. At the turn of March and April new stations of Wrocław...

Wrocław on Alert – Smog

Wrocław was the most polluted city in the world over the last weekend. At the same time, the capital of Lower Silesia celebrated its...

How to protect against smog?

The air quality in Poland is one of the worst in Europe, specially during autumn and winter when the pollution is the highest. These...

The first Polish Netflix series

The first Polish internet TV series by Netflix, which is scheduled for release next year, will be filming in Wrocław and starting from January....

Jatomi Fitness will cease soon

The global Jatomi Fitness gym network has three clubs in Wrocław, operating in shopping malls. In the next few months, as part of the...

Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP)

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP) is a foundation operating since 1993, whose main tasks are activities in the field of health...

Sunday Lunch – English – Polish Radio Show

Sunday Lunch is the first English-Polish language radio show on Polish Radio in the whole country. It is broadcast from Wrocław on Radio RAM...



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