“Żabka” bypasses the ban on trading on Sunday


One of the popular networks of small grocery stores already knows how to circumvent the ban on Sunday trading. Shops will become post offices and this means that they can be opened on Sundays as the trade ban is not applicable among others in post offices. Therefore, from Wednesday (April 25), network franchisees display stickers on their stores with the inscription “Post office”.

The solution introduced results from the fact that already in 2012 Zabka signed contracts with postal operators. In chain stores, you can collect parcels from DHL or Poczta Polska.

In practice this means the franchisee will not have to mandatorily work behind a shop counter on Sunday with a trade ban – every employee can work too. The network encourages franchisees to open stores on every Sunday without trading, offering an additional 10%. net income. In most recently opened Zabka stores in several locations in Wroclaw queues have been noticed on Sundays with a ban applicable.

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