Yoga & Meditation Class focused on
AUTO-HEALING and work on a specific meridians related to the functions of inner organs:
🍀 Heart & Small intestine
🍀 Bladder & Kidney
🍀 Pericardium & Triple burner
🍀 Gall bladder & Liver
🍀 Lung & Large intestine
🍀 Stomach & Spleen

After this classes you will have a set of tools to use to improve the work of inner organs to stay healthy.

Open level for everyone who feels that wants to improve the physical and mental health.

every Monday and Wednesday at 20.00. on Tęczowa Street 57 – Drzewo Życia.

You can make your reservation online: [ here ]
or by e-mail:
or phone: 575 884 404


🌼 Learn how to build up your own energy to be more effective and strong both mentally and physically.
🌼 Explore practical techniques to build concentration for use in everyday life.
🌼 Connect your body and mind to be more harmonized and vital.
🌼 Find the way how to release stagnant energy, feel lighter and enhance inner joy.

The classes combined with Yoga, meditation, energy training and meridian exercises will help keep your body and mind in good shape and health, recommended for every person, regardless of age or physical condition.

This program will help:
🌸 Energize the body
🌸 Improve functions of your inner organs (liver, stomach, kidneys etc.)
🌸 Increase positive emotions
🌸 Improve focus and clarity in mind
🌸 Improve flexibility and strengthen your muscles and skeletal system
🌸 Boost immune system
🌸 Stimulate the detoxification of your body
🌸 Activate the nervous system

After participating in the class you will be richer:
💥 Greater self-awareness and psychological mechanisms that affect you
💥 You’ll feel light on the physical, emotional, and mental level
💥 Learn more tips on how to maintain a state of relaxation on a daily basis.

What to take with you:
comfortable clothes.

Ewa Szczepaniak
I am a Yoga teacher graduated in Dynamic Mindfulness Yoga School in Berlin. After the 10 months training, I gained the experience practicing with Indian gurus in North India. I am also a Shiatsu practitioner and I work on body’s energy channels (meridians) to improve the functions of inner organs. For last few years I have been on the path of self discovery. I love to share my knowledge and experience especially when others can benefit from that.

Multi Sport cards are also accepted.

The class will be held in English.

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