Psychological support


If you are experiencing hard moments, there are places in Wrocław where you can look for help:

1Poradnia Rodzinna przy Klasztorze OO. Dominikanów „Syntonia”, pl. Dominikański 2

registration: Tuesday 9.00-10.00, Friday 15.30-16.00

telephone: 728 471 669



You can meet with a psychologist, a family counselor or a priest. They speak Russian and Ukrainian. The service is free of charge, just remember to book an appointment in advance.

2 Fundacja „Sancta Familia”, ul. Monte Cassino 64

telephone: + 48 517 45 35 75, 71 348 29 01



You can get legal help, talk to a psychologist, a therapist or a family counselor. They speak English, Russian, Belorussian and Ukrainian. Remember to book an appointment in advance. The service is free of charge.


3 Towarzystwo Rozwoju Rodziny, ul. Zelwerowicza 4

telephone: 71 349 39 11, 602 645 443



They speak English and Ukrainian. You can make an appointment with a psychologist, a psychiatrist or a therapist. The service is free of charge.

4 Poradnia Rodzinna przy Fundacji Evangelium Vitae, ul. Rydygiera 22-28

telephone: 71 782 87 61 wew. 21, 25, 798 988 903



They run support groups, you can also talk to a psychologist or a therapist ang get legal help. They speak English. The service is free of charge.

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