Storytelling Evening – 5th Edition – 15/03/18 18:30h

7 mins personal stories on the theme of “Mystery”
Gates Open at 18:30, Start at 19:00.
Free Entrance, Bring as many of your friends as possible 😉

Why you should join Storytelling Evening?
– To listen interesting stories and meet interesting people in a unique atmosphere
– To spend an evening like our ancestors, telling and listening stories
– To share your story with strangers without fear of judgement

“Storytelling Evening” is an event where creative storytellers can come, entertain, make us laugh, cry or simply inspire us with their stories. Our goal is to provide an intimate environments to tell our stories in our own way.

Stories are one of the oldest forms of communication and art. Humans have been telling stories to each other for as long as they have lived on earth. The form and style may have changed and stories and their characters differ from culture to culture, but one thing remains constant – our need to tell and listen to stories.

The event will happen at WedrowkiPub, which is a place known for its creativity and cultural events.

In partnership with WrocLove Speakers


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