Ruch Motion – Native English speaking hairstylist and barber


Rury is a native English speaking hairstylist and barber in Wroclaw. He has a large international clientele both in salon and hair at home hairdressing. ‘My customer base is massively intercontinental, I find that very exciting. Last Sunday I began my day completely booked with individuals and families from the U.S.A, France, Japan, India and Poland.”
Wroclaw locals and expats are drawn to Rury for his high levels of communication, honesty and showmanship. ‘Customers should always leave the hair salon feeling fresh and entertained. I am passionate about building and keeping clienteles, it is an art that passes down from the best hairstylists. Only within that concept can the best haircuts and colours begin to flourish.’
During his 22 years of hairdressing he has acquired many awards and accolades including two coveted L’Oreal Colour Trophies, a Schwarzkopf business award and a 5 star rating all before he was twenty three years of age. The Good Salon Guide 5 stars are the closest a hairstylist can get to a 3 star Michelin rating. ‘The 00’s were exciting times, I worked as a style director for Toni&Guy Dublin, a colour educator for L’Oreal London and I created images for Sassoon salons. I am a firm believer that I am only as good as my last haircut.’
There is more to Rury than being an English speaker, he’s the hairstylist for this time and place. ‘I fit right in to Wroclaw. I love this city’s pace and energy and I enjoy adding to it’.

To make an appointment with Rury, text or WhatsApp him on (+48) 577027264
or connect with him via his creative Facebook page



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