WROCŁAWSKA AGENCJA INSAD – customs agency/ customs services

If you did shopping on ebay, Aliexpress or other Chinese store, and your parcel was stopped at the Polish Post Office for customs clearance and you need a SAD document …

If you come from outside the EU and you decided to permanently move to Poland with all your belongings and you need to do customs clearance …

Or maybe you bought a car from outside the EU staying in Poland and you need documents for customs clearance …

Here you can easily prepare these documents without leaving your chair – www.odprawsie.pl

We will prepare these documents for you and will tell you what, how and where to continue – you will get ready instructions from us – with us it’s so easy.

You can also write to us if you have any questions or other customs problems – kontakt@odprawsie.pl

We are a Customs Agency operating on the Wrocław market for over ten years.

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  1. Hi ,

    I would Like to Understand if you can Advise on Commercial Import — Import of Textiles , Rice and spices from India.
    I would like to Understand the EU regultions and require Asistance in clearance.


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