We Invite you to Experience Indian Culture, Food and Learn about the Diversity, Traditions, Locations and beauty of India.

Experience Indian Music, Know our History, Know our Diversity, try our snacks, Try our sweets..

In Collaboration with #https://web.facebook.com/BollywoodDancefitnesss/



…………. Experience India… 

About Forum for Cultural Integration…

The Objective of this forum is to share information on various regions, countries Cultures, Acknowledge our differences, celebrate our differences, develop better understanding and cooperation between different cultures and “Integrate” with one another.

During the whole of 2018, we plan to Host Multiple events where we would collaborate with various groups and showcase the unique culture, traditions, Arts, crafts, Cuisines, Travel Information and much more.

This is the first such Event.

Watch this space for more updates ……

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