The urban car rental company Vozilla starts its activity


On November 4 you will be able to use the city’s electric car rental service. Vozilla has got 200 cars. Maximum speed with which Vozilla’s Nissan Leaf can move is 147 km / h.

A minute’s drive costs 1zl, and a stopover is 10gr per minute, but the company offer promotion – by the end of November, drivers will pay 50 cents for every minute of driving.

In order to use Vozilla services, you need to download the application to your smartphone with the same name. Account creation is free, but you need to pay a deposit, complete a short form and submit a scan or photo of your driving license.

The application informs about available cars in the immediate area.

Before you rent a car, you must also provide your payment card (from which you will be charged for the ride) or recharge your money (pre-paid).

Once completed, the fee will be charged automatically. You have to leave your car at any parking place in Wroclaw.

By car you can ride on some bus lanes (eg Podwale, Pilsudski, Traugutta), as well as places inaccessible to the combustion car (eg Ostrów Tumski). In addition, the Wrocław authorities have designated 200 free places where only Vozilla cars can be parked. They are marked with an envelope with a green triangle and most of them are in the center.

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