Where to spend a snowy weekend in Lower Silesia


The changing weather and the shorter day are the reasons why our thoughts are closer to snow-covered slopes than our daily duties. But now it is worth to look at where to go skiing in the vicinity of Wroclaw. What conditions can we expect?

Wroclove citizens, who can not wait for winter skiing, fortunately have more and more choice of available slopes in their area. Due to the growing interest, the owners of the routes have invested a lot in cosmetic changes, stretching trails and couch lifts in recent years. Few lifts, short haul routes, neglected trails and a tourist base are gaining new visibility, encouraging people to visit, also from outside the region.

The ski resort leaders in the region claim several places:

Szklarska Poręba

It is the largest ski slope in the Giant Mountains, where the Ski Arena Szrenica complex mainly operates.Within an hour, more than 6,000 people come to the summit, with a cable car and five lifts. There are 20 km of pistes in the area, half of which is artificially snowed. At the Puchatek there is a fully lit slope, where night driving starts at 6am and finishes at 10pm. The longest route – Lolobrygida which is 4.4 km and is intended for beginners and intermediate skiers. Cable car “Karkonosz-Express” is the longest six-seat couch in Poland – it is over 2.3 km. Skiers go up in just eight and a half minutes.There is also a 2-km black route set by FIS –  the so-called “Wall” with a slope of up to 50 percent.

Ski Arena Szrenica tickets:

  • Half day: adults – 77 zl; children – 46zl; senior citizens and youth – 61zl
  • One day: adults – 96 zl; children – 57zl; senior citizens and youth – 76,50zl
  • there are also 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 7- days options and seasonal tickets

Puchatek tickets:

  • One ski passage: adults – 25,50zl; children – 19zl
  • Entire evening: adults – 70zl; children – 42,50zl


The easiest route is the head for Jelenia Góra and after that:

Turystyczna 25a street in Szklarska Poręba



Karpacz is the second largest ski resort in the Polish Giant Mountains. The biggest ski resort of Karpacz is the ski resort “Śnieżka”. There are 9 ski slopes and 7 ski lifts. “Zbyszek” – chairlift with a length of 2229 m – skiers to the summit of Mala Kopa. The downhill slope is designed for medium to high skiers. There is also a 30-kilometer “Polska pętla”(Polish loop) cross-country trail that connects to the Czech routes. Apart from the numerous slopes, there is an extensive accommodation facility and Karpacz also offers outdoor activities, including paintball, bungee and touring.

Śnieżka tickets:

  • 2-hours carnet: everybody 35zl
  • 3-hours carnet: adults – 50zl; children/youth – 45zl
  • 1-day carnet: adults – 65zl; children/youth – 60zl

Address: Turystyczna 4, Karpacz



A dynamically developing resort, claiming to be the best developed skiing infrastructure in the region. In Zielenec, the thickness of the snow cover is 80 cm. There are 22 ski lifts that have artificial lighting so you can ski up to 10pm. The more demanding skiers and snowboarders will find themselves here – the longest greenery trail is 2800 meters long, there is also the “Na krechę” black trail – but also families who want to ski on the one hand, or just nice and active outdoor time.

Zieleniec Ski Arena tickets:

  • 2-hours carnet: normal – 50zl; concessionary – 40zl
  • 4-hours carnet: normal – 70zl; concessionary – 60zl
  • 1-day carnet: normal – 105; concessionary – 85zl
  • Night skiing (4pm – 10pm): normal – 55zl; concessionary – 50zl
  • And there are many other options of carnets

How to get there?

Zieleniec is only about two hours by car from Wroclaw. Coming from Poland, it is best to go to Kłodzko. From Wroclaw to the very same Zieleniec, the international road no. E67 (Wroclaw – Kudowa Zdrój) and national road no. 8 are passing. On the way we pass Łagiewniki, Ząbkowice Slaskie, Kłodzko, Polanica Zdroj, Duszniki Zdroj. Just behind the Duszniki (about 3-4 km) turn left (very well marked turn on Zieleniec Ski Arena), from where after 8 km we will reach the heart of winter sports in Kłodzko Valley.

Zieleniec can also be reached by a special SkiBus, which during the ski season mainly runs from the center of Duszniki-Zdrój and Wroclaw, while to Dusznik itself you can also get by train and buses.


Czarna Góra

From season 2016/17 to the peak of Czarna Góra you can take the fastest in Poland, 6-person cable car Luxtorpeda. She replaced the grandmother named Grandma, who was about 20 minutes up. Now it takes only 3 minutes!

The resort has extensive routes and skiing areas of over 10 kilometers in total, the degree of diversification is rich enough to meet both beginners and advanced winter sports enthusiasts. A ski slope is one of a dozen ski slopes in Poland with a black scale of difficulty. It is worth noting that the resort has 6 routes over 1000 meters long, of which the two longest B FIS and A are respectively 1680 and 1600 meters. The ski slopes at the Center have 11 FIS approvals. Half of the ski slopes are professionally lit including the longest B FIS route, which in the high season gives you the opportunity to use night driving until 10:30pm.


  • 2-hours carnet: normal – 50zl; concessionary – 45zl
  • 4-hours carnet: normal – 79zl; concessionary – 70zl
  • 1-day carnet: normal – 105zl; concessionary – 95zl
  • 6-days carnet: normal – 460zl; concessionary – 410zl

Address: Sienna 11, Stronie Śląskie


Łysa Góra

SKI ARENA ŁYSA GÓRA is a ski resort located in the Western Sudetes. The center of Wrocław is about 100 km away. During the winter, the alpine skiers and snowboarders, cross-country skiers and the youngest snow-lovers alike can enjoy skiing, tobogganing or carousel.


  • over 4 km of well-prepared ski slopes equipped with modern snowmaking and lighting systems
  • 6 lifts: four plates, one aqueduct, one non-child resistant
  • day and evening skiing
  • free parking

Unfortunately, the ski lifts are often crowded (willingly come here Legionnaires and locals), so skiers are waiting to enter the large queues.


  • 2-hours carnet: adults – 39zl; children and senior citizens – 29zl
  • 4-hours carnet: adults – 49zl; children and senior citizens – 39zl
  • 7-hours carnet: adults – 65zl; children and senior citizens – 55zl
  • 2-days carnet: adults – 120zl; children and senior citizens – 100zl

Address: Dziwiszów 97A, Dziwiszów



Ski & Sun Świeradów Zdrój is a paradise for skiers. A 2500 meter illuminated (This is the longest fully lit slope in Poland) trail with an extremely varied slope is constantly snowed and prepared. The modern gondola is about 2172 meters in length and in 8-passenger gondolas, it is able to carry over 2400 people in one hour. Ratrak compensates the route twice a day, which also allows for night driving.

Those who enjoy hiking and rails, there is a professional snowpark with a separate “whirlwind” allowing for all day fun without coercion of continuous approach.


  • 4-hours carnet: normal – 78zl; concessionary – 68zl
  • 1-day carnet: normal – 88zl; concessionary – 66zl
  • Day & night carnet: normal – 120zl; concessionary – 110zl

Address: Źródlana 7, Świeradów-Zdrój

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