Abraldes Lawyers – Zagraniczny prawnik



International legal firm that offers competent services in seven languages. Our lawyers and legal assistants are based and represented in Czech Republic, Spain and Poland. Now we are also in Wroclaw.

Do you have a problem with your landlord or any doubt with your rental agreement? we can help you.

Do you want to divorce or have problems with your partner about the children in common? We carry this type of issues.

Do you have a problem in the company where you work or do you have any doubt with your work contract? we can advise on this.

Do you want to open a company in Poland and need advice? we help you with all the procedures to follow.

Do you need to renew your residence permit, temporary or permanent? Do you want to apply for a business or work visa? We take care of these procedures.

Have your received a fine to your home or do you need to be defended in criminal proceedings? we help you to  solve them.

Office n 16, sw. Mikolaja 53, Rynek – Wrocław

working hours: 9 to 5 pm

you can call or send us an email:

+48 717 269 912
+48 603 837 481
+48 691 348 206 (Polish speakers)


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