Population: Over 38 million

Capital city: Warsaw

Political system: Parliamentary republic

Main languages: Polish (official), English (main urban centres)

Major religions: Catholicism (80 percent)

Time: GMT +1 (GMT +2 from the last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October.)

Electricity: 220 volts, 50 Hz. European-style, two-pin plugs are used.

Currency: The Polish Zloty (PLN), divided into 100 groszy (singluar: grosz)

International dialling code: +48. City/area codes are in use, e.g. (0)22 for Warsaw and (0)12 for Krakow.

Internet TLD: .pl

Emergency numbers: 112 (general), 997 (police), 998 (fire), 999 (ambulance)

Road traffic: Drives on the right

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